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Form Fill Guide:

Please take the step by step must type the fda code of product in the first field must put your mobile number in the second field must click to next level of form if your fda code is correct must send Picture of Code that Placed on the product in Third field must click to SEND for check the authentication

To prevent poor,unauthorized reproduction and distribution of its products illicit dealers,and to enhance produce assurance andsafety,this Company has put in place a serial number authentication system to verify the originality and ensure the quality of the product.


– when you send a code for authentication whit this form for us , our team is checking both serial number and picture of the code and maximum after 1 hour you give a meesage to your phone number that this product is orginal or fake
– you will see a message in red if the serial number as well as the product are counterfeit,cautioning you againse purchase of the product
Please do not buy and use counterfeit products.This Company will take no responsibility or liability for cheap,counterfeit products.


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